Former NSS employee sues First Atlantic Bank, manager over sexual harassment

Copies of a lawsuit filed against First Atlantic Bank and one of its senior managers by a former National Service official over alleged sexual harassment among other claims have been trending online, sparking interesting reactions.

Who will stop sexual harassment on campuses?

According to the plaintiff, identified as Deborah Seyram Adablah, she worked under the first defendant, also identified as Kwasi Nimako, the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of First Atlantic Bank which happens to be the second defendant, during which time she suffered overwhelming sexual harassment.

In the copies of the suit which have been circulating on social media, the plaintiff claims that the sexual harassment and the incessant demand for a romantic relationship by the first defendant caused her to give in so as to have a semblance of peace of mind at work.

“Plaintiff avers that it is against this background of persistent sexual harassment and abuse by the 1" Defendant on the plaintiff, while the 2nd Defendant looked on without taking measures to eliminate same but encouraged same by her acts of omission that plaintiff had no alternative than to fall prey in the hands of the 1" Defendant and gave in to a Parlor relationship with the 1st Defendant,” a portion of the suit filed by her lawyer, Mohamed Atta at the Accra High Court reads.

“Plaintiff avers that during her national service work, she and the 1" Defendant entered into a Parlor relationship. Plaintiff avers that the relationship started as a result of persistent sexual harassment and abuse by the 1st Defendant, a superior officer who wielded a lot of power which the plaintiff finally gave in without which she would have found working in the 2nd Defendant's office a nightmare.”

The plaintiff has also accused the First Atlantic Bank of looking on while its senior managers abuse their positions to have sexual affairs with junior female staff. She added that the financial institution itself is complicit in pushing female workers into sexual relationships with potential clients against their will and also to the detriment of their health.

“Plaintiff avers that, when she started working with the 2n° Defendant bank, she observed persistent sexual harassment by senior male officers against female workers of the bank and if you failed to give in to their demands, your life in the bank is made unhappy, uncomfortable and unfriendly to work in.

“Plaintiff avers that virtually every senior manager has a girlfriend in the bank and they change the ladies at their will to the knowledge of the managers of the 2nd Defendant bank. They also use us the female staff to make advances to very rich customers with a view to sleeping with them and getting them to open accounts with the bank to the detriment of the female staff.”

Deborah Seyram Adablah argued that the bank owed her a duty of care, but it didn’t only fail to discharge that duty, but also allegedly used her as bait to get wealthy men to open accounts with the bank in exchange for sex.

After her service, she left the bank and didn’t accept a job offer to work with the firm because the Kwasi Nimako had asked her to leave, with a promise to give her the following:

• Lump sum working capital to start a business.

• Pay for her accommodation/Rent for 3 years

• Buy her a car

• Pay her GHc 3,000.00 a month.

• Buy the plaintiff a ring.

• Pay her medical and other Bills including paying for her to undergo a family planning treatment so that she will not give birth in the short term.

• To marry Plaintiff after divorcing his wife in the course of their parlour relationship since 1' Defendant's relationship with his wife was challenged, with irreconcilable differences and the marriage had broken down beyond repairs and or reconciliation. Generally to take care of the plaintiff.

Deborah Seyram Adablah is, therefore, seeking the court to give the following orders against both the First Atlantic Bank and Kwasi Nimako:

a) An order that the 15' defendant transfers the title of car No. GC -7899-21 into the name of the plaintiff and or an order directed at DVLA to Register the Car No.GC-7899-21 into the name of the Plaintiff as the owner.

b) A refund of the cost of repairs of Ghc10,000.00 which Defendant promised to refund to the plaintiff but failed. c) An order that the Defendants pay to the Plaintiff the following: (i) 1st Defendant pays lump sum money to the plaintiff to enable the plaintiff to start a business to take care of herself as agreed by the plaintiff and Defendant. (ii) 1st Defendant pays the remaining two (2) years rent for Plaintiff's accommodation or pays the same amount for the remaining two (2) years at the same rate at an alternative accommodation. (iii)1st Defendant to pay the outstanding arrears of Plaintiff's monthly allowance from July 2022 to the date of Judgement and pay all medical expenses as a result of the side effects of the Family Planning treatment. (iv)General damages against the Defendants.

(d) Any other relief(s) the Court deems necessary including legal cost


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