Heartbroken Ghanaian man forgives cheating wife, vows never to leave 'illegitimate' child

A Ghanaian man identified only as Oliver, has disclosed that he has chosen to forgive his adulterous wife and accept her and a daughter that he knows he did not father.

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The man left many people shocked when he called into Accra-based Joy FM’s Super Morning Show and recounted the incident and how he managed to deal with it.

The hosts were discussing whether “paternity test should be mandatory at birth”, and opened the phone lines for listeners to make contributions to the conversation. Many people phoned in to share their experiences and opinions before Oliver came through.

According to him, while their marriage was new, his wife had an affair with another man behind his back and gave birth to a girl who he thought was his child, so, he loved and took good care of the child.

He added that although he had some unbreakable bond with the child, he had some doubts at a point in time. Instead of conducting a DNA test to clear his mind, Oliver confronted his wife unexpectedly.


“I just had a feeling that she is not my daughter, and the manner in which the child behaves made me suspect that another man was the father. When I confronted her, she admitted that she went to her ex-boyfriend and got pregnant,” he narrated.

After the truth came to light, Oliver chose to be different from other men. He forgave his wife and accepted the child as his, with a stern warning to the woman never to disclose to anyone the scandalous development. He vowed never to leave the child he loves so much to any man who may pop up in the future to claim ownership of her.

“I told her I didn't want anyone to hear of this because I didn't want any man to come in the future and tell me that this girl was his daughter. I love the girl so much that I always show affection to her. And I take great care of her, and I've decided to forgive my wife. Now, we're living happily again,” Oliver said to the surprise of the hosts of the radio show.

He went on further to disclose that he decided never to inform his family or anybody about the situation and how he handled it, so he has bottled up everything since. However, due to the gravity of the secret that he decided to carry, he said he suffered a heart attack that same week as a result but survived it.

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