Mentally ill man shot dead after killing 4 people, 1 in critical condition

A man identified as Daganaa, believed to be mentally challenged, unleashed a wave of violence resulting in the deaths of four individuals in the quiet community of Banda-Nkwanta, situated on the Bole-Bamboi highway in the Bole district of the Savannah region.

Mentally ill man shot dead after killing 4 people, 1 in critical condition

According to, the harrowing incident unfolded in the early hours of the morning when Daganaa, reportedly arriving at a nearby galamsey site to unload items, sought permission to use the washroom at a compound house around 3:00 am. Upon being denied entry by the tenants, he reacted with aggression, stabbing one of the occupants in the back before fleeing to another nearby compound.

In a relentless spree of violence, Daganaa forcibly entered a room where two children, aged 10 and 12, were peacefully asleep, mercilessly stabbing them. Even the children's frail and immobile grandmother fell victim to his brutality.

The rampage continued as Daganaa made his way to another household, where he attacked another person resting in the compound's foyer. Confronted by horrified residents, the suspect retreated into a room, threatening anyone who dared to approach him.

Fearing for their safety and the escalating violence, residents urgently contacted the Bole police command for assistance. Upon arrival, two police officers were met with further aggression from Daganaa, prompting them to respond with necessary force, resulting in his demise.


Tragically, by the time the ordeal concluded, four innocent lives had been lost, and the aged grandmother was critically wounded. She is currently receiving medical treatment at Carpenter Hospital in Bole, where her condition remains precarious.

In accordance with Islamic rites, the deceased victims have been laid to rest, yet the scars of this senseless act of violence continue to reverberate throughout the tight-knit community of Banda-Nkwanta. Authorities are investigating the incident further to understand the circumstances that led to such a tragic outcome and to ensure that justice is served for the victims and their grieving families.

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