Newly elected Liberian President,79, falls sick during speech, whisked off podium

An unfortunate scene was recorded during a presidential inauguration ceremony in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia as the newly elected 79-year-old Joseph Boakai faced health challenges and couldn’t complete his speech.

Newly elected Liberian President, Joseph Boakai, 79, falls sick during speech, whisked off podium

The development has prompted renewed discussions about the age of African leaders and the need for a generational shift in governance.

As President Boakai began his inauguration speech, he encountered difficulties and was visibly struggling to maintain his composure. A short video of the ceremony which has been circulating online shows him being assisted off the podium, raising concerns about his health and ability to carry out the demanding responsibilities of the presidency.

During the incident, one of Boakai's aides was observed using the papers on which the would-be-speech was printed to fan the president, while other aides were seen admonishing individuals who were recording the unfolding scene to stop it.


The incident has reignited conversations about the age of African leaders and their apparent determination to remain in power even in their later years. Critics argue that this trend may hinder progress and obstruct the rise of a younger generation eager to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the continent's challenges.

The younger population, disillusioned by what they perceive as the failures of the older generation, is increasingly vocal about their desire for change. Many believe that the older leaders have not adequately addressed the pressing issues facing the continent, and they view the ageing leadership as an impediment to progress.

Efforts by young leaders to take on prominent roles in government face resistance, as the older generation clings to power, often frustrating attempts at a smooth transition. The incident at Boakai's inauguration serves as a symbolic moment, reinforcing the need for a broader dialogue on the age of African leaders and the importance of fostering an environment that allows for a seamless transfer of power.

As conversations about leadership and governance continue to gain momentum, it remains to be seen whether this incident will catalyze a shift in public opinion and inspire concrete actions towards fostering a more inclusive political landscape in Liberia and beyond.


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