Man arrested for stealing boss's car to fund travel to Ghana for greener pastures

The Lagos State Command has apprehended a Nigerian man who attempted to sell his employer's car to finance his family's relocation to Ghana.

File photo: Handcuffed suspect behind bars

The arrest was announced by the Command's Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, on Tuesday.

According to Hundeyin, the State Criminal Investigation Department received information on January 16 regarding a Toyota Hilux vehicle suspected to be stolen. Prompt action was taken, and police detectives initiated an investigation that led them to Ilukogun village, situated on the border between Lagos State and Ogun.

The vehicle in question was recovered from a local resident identified as Arthur Benjamin in the said village. Upon further inquiry, Benjamin admitted to stealing the car from his workplace, expressing his intention to sell it in order to facilitate his family's relocation to Ghana.

"The suspect confessed to stealing the vehicle with the motive of selling it to raise funds for relocating to Ghana with his family," stated SP Benjamin Hundeyin.


The investigation is still ongoing, with law enforcement officials delving deeper into the circumstances surrounding the theft and the suspect's plans. It remains to be seen what charges will be brought against the accused individual.

SP Benjamin Hundeyin revealed that the investigation is still ongoing as authorities work to gather more details about the incident. The motive behind the drastic measure taken by Benjamin reflects the increasing trend of individuals seeking better prospects abroad.

The incident sheds light on the paradox where, while a growing number of Ghanaians are leaving their homeland in search of improved circumstances abroad, individuals from other nations view Ghana as a destination for greener pastures. This case underscores the complex dynamics surrounding migration patterns and economic aspirations in the region.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are likely to unveil more details surrounding the circumstances leading to the theft and the desperation that drove the suspect to such extreme measures.


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