Veterinary doctor and his team ‘fly’ as sedated lion suddenly wakes up [Video]

Chaos erupted in the bushes where a veterinary doctor and his team who were attending to a sedated lion had to flee for their lives as the king of the jungle woke up sooner than anticipated.

Sedated lion suddenly wakes up

A video of the scene was uploaded to social media and it has since gone viral and triggered hilarious reactions.

Seven men are seen in the video attending to the sleeping lion without any fear of it waking up because it was under the influence of a sedative drug.

However, to their surprise, as if the medicine’s potency had elapsed earlier than expected, the wild animal woke up.

The video was uploaded to a TikTok page called wildvet_em, with the veterinary doctor recounting how the scary incident unfolded.


“You have to be on your toes in veterinary medicine! I was trying to move this sedated lion for a medical procedure, but he decided he wasn’t quite asleep and woke up a bit when we tried to move him! Luckily, he was very sleepy and all he wanted to do was run away. Everyone was safe and unharmed,” the narrator said to caption the dramatic video.

As the lion woke up, all the seven men swiftly ran at the speed of light to take refuge in a stationary car whose door was already open.

Although it was a matter of life and death for the men, some social media users have been poking fun at the incident.


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