A 19 year old student of Saint Augustine S.H.S in Bogoso in Western Region, Patricia Dede has been electrocuted and lost her life in a painful way this morning at Bebiawu, a suburb of Bogoso.

Confirming the sad news to Pulse.com.gh, Chief Inspector Berko, who was on call at the scene of the incident narrated the morbid story that led to the death on Saturday (26.09-2015) at 9:20AM.

"She was electrocuted when she was trying to iron [press] her clothing", the inspector said. Going into details, Officer Berko revealed that there was a water heater already plugged into the electrical socket that the deceased had wanted to utilize for her electric iron.

"As she tried to remove the heater, her hand touched an exposed wire which then led to her electrocution and subsequent death", Inspector Berko added.

One of the tenants in the house explained that they were in front of house when they heard Patricia screaming from her room for help and when they rushed to the scene, they realised they were too late as they saw her [Patricia] laying down unconscious with the  plugged water heater on top of her.