Two Ghanaian footballers

A supposed football agent by the name Subrata made the two Ghanaian footballers to believe he was going to secure clubs for them in India and took $500 dollars from them to facilitate their transfer, but they reached the Asian country and realized the said agent is just a scammer.

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The pair tried practice session of an I-League club, Minerva Punjab at the Yuba Bharati Krirangan with the hope of impressing the scouts but they were failed to meet their expectations.

According to a report by Indian Times, the players asking for money from Ghana and are also pleading with local clubs to give them the opportunity to justify their potentials. "For once at least give me a chance. I would not disappoint you."

The duo has been made stranded, roaming the streets of Kolkata for the past two months and are even in danger of facing jail sentence.

Under India's Foreigners Act of 1946, people who stay in India illegally can face criminal prosecution. Those prosecuted under this law can not only face a fine and deportation, but they could be forced to spend up to five years in jail before being deported.