Man divorces wife via text after she tells him she’s been gang-raped by neighbours

A man divorced his wife by text message after she confessed to being gang-raped by neighbours.

Rape Victim

The 25-year-old mother from India, who has not been named, confided in her husband after the attack by her neighbours. Metro UK reported.

Instead of comforting her, her husband who works in Dubai as a construction worker messaged her saying ‘talaq’ three times – which means instant divorce under Sharia Law.

She’s been forced out of her home and her mother-in-law has taken custody of her young son.

She told the MailOnline: ‘When I read the message I went numb. I couldn’t believe what I had read. Just three words; talaq, talaq, talaq.

‘This is the last thing I was expecting from my husband of five years after I confided in him about what happened.

‘I felt violated. I thought that he would stand by my side through this, to help me through the pain of it.

‘But I was wrong. He took the easiest way out like a coward and divorced me with text message.’

She also added that no one took her side even her mother-in-law who had stood by her side initially after she was raped, suddenly changed her mind and took her son’s side.

She said: ‘Overnight I became an outcast from my whole family.

‘I could have survived even that, but then they snatched away my last hope – my only child. I have completely lost the desire to live.’


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