Florence "SeeSee" Rigney, a nurse at Tacoma General Hospital, Washington has marked her 90th birthday at work, while still an employee at the hospital.

Rigney now works 2 days a week at Tacoma General, though in a lesser capacity than she used to.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, had a special message for her which was read out to her by a colleague.

In the message, the governor said,

"Our nation's oldest working registered nurse... still runs circles around colleagues half her age after six decades of service, she has built a tremendous legacy of service over the years and her continued engagement in nursing is a testament to her unceasing energy and compassion for those in need."

In turn, Rigney thanked her co-workers and said she was grateful to be 90 years old and still working at the hospital.

"I know I'm a pain in the you-know-what," she said. "Thank you all."

Check out the video of the celebration above.