China’s investment in Israel’s tech sector, is on the increase. IVC research forecasts that Chinese participation would reach $467 million by the end of 2015.

According to Michal Adam, business development manager ,IVC research,“There are more venture capital and private equity funds in China and more competition inside China for good deals, so they’re searching for deals outside, not just in Israel.”

Adam reports that Alibaba recently invested $5 million in the startup Visualead in January.

Adam also said that 'There is an understanding that technology and innovations is a key factor for continued growth, so they're looking in tech hubs around the world.'

Buttressing Adam’s point, Sharon Kedmi, CEO of Demeter AWE Holdings, an agro-tech investor and consultant, said 'The most important thing is don’t try to explain to them how [the investment] will work for you, try to explain how it will work for them in China.'