A huge disappointment once again

A Jordan Ayew fan expresses his disappointment in the Black Stars forward after he given the marching orders after elbowing Aaron Chresswell in a West Ham vs Aston Villa match.

With nimble feet which are quite rare to find in football today, it’s quite hard to understand why we haven’t completely believed it that you could become as great as your dad Abedi Pele, Tony Yeboah, Mohammed Polo and the likes.

Like the saying goes, “talent forgives everything”, but when it goes too far, too many people lose interest and then what is left with is for you to break loose; heaven and earth to gain their attention again.

As early as 15, people were already raving for Ghana to come in quick for you Jordan Ayew.


You were with Marseille’s junior ranks then, and all of us said, if not perishable then this must be that pure, raw gem waiting to be cut, refined and shaped up. We all could see the signs clearly that we are looking at a new world beater in the making. Little did we know that we will still be waiting for that to happen?  I personally think that your ambitions at the age of 24 should be a top club’s first team sheet. Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and even Real Madrid are not beyond your prowess. But, no; it’s a completely different case now. You’re playing in a top, top league, but with a team staring relegation in the face. How come?

From times when Ghanaian’s have branded you too selfish to times when we have had to criticize your “otto pfister” kind of dressing to the extent that you are most often than not, tagged, ‘that disrespectful boy.’ I don’t think that is fair on someone we want to genuinely love both as a footballer and as a person. But unfortunately, you have left us with far too many reasons to doubt your credibility in this industry.

The incidence of your red card against West ham in a crucial English premiership game has left people raining torrents of insults on you on several social media platforms. Most of which I cannot mention, even in my closet. In any case, I think you have brought this upon yourself and I shall not glorify a spade, calling it a big spoon. It was one of the worst disappointments I felt in all my life.

I was getting ready on the night to watch you once again to dazzle for your side and a coach especially that had put so much trust in you. But one pundit close by said after the red card, “there he goes again”. In just a month ago, you were voted Villa’s best player, and now your mistake has cost them at a more crucial point. I won’t be surprised if in their heart, you are already not the most undisciplined player of the month.

I feel there is no way of escape now for Aston Villa in the relegation battle but for you there could be a way out.


I think you should get a moment for yourself and take a critical look at what is happening around you. As have happened with Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan, moments of brilliance and reformation today can erase all the bad memories of the past. Well, that is a football loving fan’s mindset. Just play well today and he forgets everything.

And I suggest that the look at yourself could be done while you serve your three match ban. And one most important thing I suggest you do is to apologise to the Villa faithful, Remi Garde and Ghanaian’s because it is a start to the face saving exercise.

We want to talk about you in a positive light in the next 20 years and I think the ball is in your court now.


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