The Member of Parliament for Efutu Constituency Alex Afenyo Markin has written to the Judicial Secretary to enquire about the status of the Chief Justice Georgina Wood.

There are report that she is on leave and in her absence, Justice William Atuguba is acting as Chief Justice.

Acting on the concerns of his constituents, Markin asked that the Judicial Secretary to clarify rumours making rounds that Her ladyship is on leave prior to her retirement. And also clarify whether there is an acting Chief Justice.

The NPP MP also required to know whether the acting Chief Justice took the oath of office before taking up the post.

Martin said the Supreme Court ruled in a case involving the Speaker of Parliament in which it held that the Speaker cannot hold himself as the acting president if he does not take an oath of office in the absence of the President and the Vice President.

On the basis of this, he said whoever is acting as Chief Justice must also take an oath of office.

“Where the Supreme Court ruled on the issue of the Speaker not having taken an oath as acting president, we contend that on the basis of the reasoning of the Supreme Court on that matter, there is the need for whoever is acting as the Chief Justice take an oath of office,” he said on Accra based Joy FM.

“The reasoning behind the judgement was to the effect that once you are performing a function other than the regular function that you are perform as a person holding a particular public office, you need to take an oath of office before you assume that duty.”