In Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah is the name that put the motherland on the map with the best of quotes. However, there’s a new group in town.

Decades after Ghana’s first president passed away, a new group called Secret Billions are making waves with the best of quotes.

Mostly seen in videos at marriages ceremonies, the women group inspire its members to strong, bold, smart and successful in all their doings.

Having gone viral several times on social media in recent times, the best of quotes continue to inspire folks on the platforms as others make fun of the funny ones.

Irrespective of how the year 2020 is treating you, find a way to get through the rest of the seven months is key to having a successful year.

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Here are 10 quotable quotes from Secret Billions that are too good to ignore in 2020.

  • "The problem is not the problem but the attitude behind the problem is the problem."

Just think about this and let all the sense therein fall on you. Simply fantastic.

  • "Your new level is our throwback so relax."

Been there, done that. Just so you know.

  • "Adanfo fa, ɛnyɛ by force. If someone is not ready to accept your friendship just back off."

The perfect advice on friendship.

  • "Life no dey sweet if some people no dey hate."

Haters are always going to hate. Sometimes, they make life better.

  • "Don’t angry me, I’ll choose khebab over you."

If you get the reference, this is a creatively majestic quote.

  • "Wokita wo car key aa yɛkura yɛ lorry fare."

Loosely translates in English: If you have your car keys, we have our transportation fare.

  • "The only thing better than money is more money."

Obvious, isn’t it?

  • "Don’t push me, I’ll go myself."
  • "Fresh girls [are] forever young."

The perfect motivation when people want to make you feel old.

  • "Boys yɔbi, girls kasa! Yɛde natural hips kɔ aa mose artificial."

Loosely translate: Boy brag, girls talk. We bring onboard natural hip but you’re there complaining it’s artificial.