13 people talk about their memorable punishment experiences from an African home

Growing up in an African home is all sorts of lit.

13 people talk about punishment experiences from an African home

The family bond right through to the external family, moments when you think 'are these my actual parents?' (both good and bad), the extremely skilful talent of mamas and aunties using their eyes to communicate in public like magic and grandmothers feeding you too much until you die of too much food are all memorable experiences that stay with you for long.

But there are also those punishment moments. The times when African parents threaten that they will make you die of hunger after you did something wrong only to later come and angrily ask you to go and eat something.

There were moments when you couldn't receive visitors or go out to play with your friends as a form of punishment for not following the rules.

But some people had it tougher than that.

Pulse Ghana asked people to tell their most memorable experiences from an African home and here are some stories.


Many years back, I was preparing for WEAC and my dad banned me from watching TV. As devil wants to punish me that fateful Saturday NEPA brought lights on and no one was around. I didn't know that the man set a trap. I was watching TV. My brothers and sisters what happened later that night was crazy. I was tied and flogged mercilessly like a criminal, that I was. Those days helped me become the person I am now!

Sorchi Ifunanya Egwuenu


I vividly remember in my childhood days, how my mom used red hot pepper to brush my teeth because I followed a guy who was a thief. Even if I will forget all punishment, I won’t forget this particular one.

Kay Clints


Have you been arrested by your parents for playing truancy and dragged to school at 1 pm after been flogged and your friends laughing at you before? You will from there understand why you don't have to skip school for any reason. My JHS mates can relate.

Kweku Abeiku


Old throw ‘tapoli’ whack my elbow. She finish wey she bandage give me.



Two canes left and right whiles under the running shower; until date, edey stand my eyes top.



My parents served me science papers on their anniversary because they said I read too much and didn't help in preparation.



When I refused to break a bag of palm kernel that my mom asked me to break after school, I was starved for that day.



My first banku I prepared turned into porridge. She sat me behind the pot, added sugar and fed me with it.



My aunt put ginger in my ‘bottos’



Ma mommy didn't have money that period, so she sent me to go and bring the leftover soup. While coming it poured away. The way she canned me.



My mother made me go two days without food because I refused to eat leftover ooooo.



My kid brother who was just after me went to hit someone with a bicycle in school and my dad beat me for allowing my kid brother to jump on a bicycle. The way I cried that day erh.

Nana Addo Kofi


The knock I received after celebrating the Manchester United vs Bayern UCL final in 1999. My uncle supported Bayern because of Sammy Kuffour and thought I shud do same.

Oppong Frank


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