5 must-try affiliate marketing programs for bloggers

There are many ways for bloggers to earn money on the Internet. The most common ways to monetize sites are the following: paid publications, advertisements, consulting services and others. Another convenient way is gaining popularity, it is affiliate marketing (AM). Today it is a huge industry, attracting billions of dollars. Most advertisers already have their own personal programs. According to statistics, a sixth of orders in virtual commerce account for AM. Let's consider in this article the 5 best affiliate programs 2024 that every blogger should definitely try. We will touch upon gambling companies and corporations that distribute their product: computer systems, innovative technologies, software.

5 must-try affiliate marketing programs for bloggers


The eBay affiliate program has been in operation for more than 15 years, and every year people spend more than $24 million for online purchases. It is believed that this is one of the best blogging programs, and here the commission can reach 60-65%. The money is paid out every month if the webmaster was able to earn more than $10. The most common withdrawal method is PayPal. If you are a blogger advertising eBay, you will receive a commission only if the customer who clicked on your link makes a purchase in the store during the day. This is relevant for streamers with more than 100 thousand subscribers. If the product did not fit and was returned, you will still receive a payment. Experts advise you to start your work in the field of AM with cooperation with eBay.

William Hill

This is not only one of the oldest and most established bookmakers, but also a developing casino offering good bonuses for new players. People come to the organization's website to place bets on sports or computer games. Moreover, you can bet on matches that are live. The William Hill affiliate program was launched a decade ago and gives a high commission of 25-29%; it depends on how many players who clicked on your link made a deposit. The program provides ready-made advertising materials: banners, texts, media, and also provides convenient tools for working with reports. You can check at any time how many leads you have attracted. It is welcome if the blogger connects imagination and acts proactively, talking about the advantages of the bookmaker on his streams.



Everyone is familiar with programs from the Adobe package that allow you to process photos, create beautiful screensavers, advertisements, and more. As part of the affiliate program, you can count on the validity of cookies for 29 days (these files are needed to track sales). The commission at the start is more than 80%. You can subscribe for a year and get the best conditions. The payment can be received every month. Most often, bloggers associated with design, photography, and painting collaborate with Adobe. It seems that a paid download of the program is a rare action, but the wide popularity of the brand gives high sales. As a result, cooperation with Adobe becomes more than profitable. We can recommend the program for many bloggers related to art, modeling and graphics. Hurry up, blogger, there is a limit on the number of participants today.

This site is known to everyone who is interested in travel and has been abroad or is engaged in local tourism. The idea is that people leave reviews about different places, and a person decides where to stay for the night based on other people's experiences. The idea is simple, but it has been developed, and now the site has millions of users. You can book residence, tickets, and so on through the platform. High commissions of 45-55% for bloggers make the platform popular for AM. The payment is made once a month, but you need to reach the minimum allowable amount. A direct deposit system is used to transfer money. The more clicks you get in a month, the higher the commission will be. The company is interested in long-term cooperation. Bloggers are attracted to TripAdvisor not only by the high bid, but also by the opportunity to advertise a really useful resource.



The company allows you to make money on your traffic. You choose the partner company you like and get remote support. You will not have to interact with partners on your own. Revenuelab takes over this function. In addition, statistics on your transactions are collected and interpreted, that is, you can take your mind off these problems and focus only on traffic. You get protection, the service company guarantees security and anonymity. Choose from a variety of payment methods using fiat currency or crypto. Using just one link, you can ensure that traffic is automatically distributed to several partners. At the same time you will be able to work with any GEO thanks to Smartlink technology. In your personal account on the site you can view statistics collected from all brands.

The upshot

We have reviewed the 5 most promising programs for remote collaboration, and probably came to the conclusion that if you want to earn more as a blogger, you should immediately try one of them. If you haven't decided to try AM yet, then it will be useful for you to read this article. As a result, you will be able to receive a commission from your partners by promoting their products, it can be software, gambling services, trading. Your sales will be counted according to the number of successful referrals. The tracking methods are different, but they give a more or less correct result. Of course, it is better to start cooperation with large companies, as well as try partner networks where you can choose partners in real time using the site's tools. Try to choose RevenueLab today and you will not be disappointed.


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