6 times Kasoa has been in the news for the wrong reasons

Kasoa, a town in the Central Region has found itself repeatedly thrust into the national spotlight, often for unsettling reasons.


While Kasoa boasts a vibrant community and economic activity, its recurring appearances in negative news stories highlight deep-seated challenges.

Addressing these issues requires a concerted effort from authorities, community leaders, and residents alike to foster a safer, more prosperous environment for all.

Kasoa has gained notoriety for its high rate of criminal activity, unmatched in the region. Initially populated by refugees from war-torn Liberia who sought refuge in nearby Budumburam, the community now sees many of them returning to their homeland.

However, some Liberians have chosen to remain in Kasoa, integrating into Ghanaian society rather than returning to their birthplace.


Kasoa has also become a haven for escaped prisoners seeking refuge, joining a community that already harbours various foreign criminals.

However, some residents of Kasoa said they are tired of their community being associated with all manner of ills, even when the incidents have occurred in adjoining or distant communities. delves into six instances where Kasoa made headlines for all the wrong reasons:

  • Man subjected to corporal punishment for dropping refuse on pavement in Kasoa

A viral video has sparked controversy online after workers from Zoomlion Ghana Limited were seen subjecting a young man to corporal punishment for littering.


The incident occurred on July 1, 2024, in Kasoa, where the man was caught dropping a pack of refuse on the pavement along the road.

A Zoomlion worker narrates the event in the video and said the gentleman was caught dumping refuse on the Kasoa pavement heading towards Nenyano road.

  • Juvenile delinquency and crime:

Kasoa has unfortunately earned a reputation for incidents involving youth crime.


Cases of armed robbery, theft, and other criminal activities involving young individuals have frequently made headlines, raising concerns about youth empowerment and community safety.

  • Ritualistic killings:

Shockwaves rippled through Ghana when reports emerged of ritualistic killings in Kasoa.

In one notorious case, two teenagers allegedly murdered a younger boy for ritual purposes, sparking outrage and a nationwide debate on societal values and the protection of vulnerable children.

An eleven-year-old, Ishmael Mensah was killed by two teenagers in Kasoa, Central Region, for ritual purposes.


Apart from the two teenage suspects, two others connected to the killing have also been picked up.

They include a fetish priestess and a man. A team of investigators arrested them at Amanase near Suhum in the Eastern Region.

  • Sakawa (Internet Fraud) hub:

The proliferation of internet fraud, locally known as "sakawa," has been notably high in Kasoa.

Reports of cyber scams targeting both local and international victims have surfaced, drawing attention to the challenges of cybersecurity and the impact on Ghana's reputation.

  • Illegal drug trade:

Kasoa has also been linked to the illegal drug trade, with authorities seizing significant quantities of narcotics in raids.

The town's proximity to major highways and its rapid urbanisation have contributed to the smuggling and distribution of illicit substances, posing serious social and health risks.

  • Infamous spiritualists and charlatans:

The presence of self-styled spiritualists and charlatans promising quick wealth and solutions to personal problems has flourished in Kasoa.


Instances of fraudulent practices and exploitation of vulnerable individuals seeking supernatural remedies have exposed the darker side of the town's spiritual landscape.

In March this year, it has been reported that a 21-year-old tricycle rider, Yusif Bukhari allegedly lost his penis a few minutes after shaking hands with a shoemaker at Kasoa overhead in the Awutu Senya East Municipality.

Reports stated that this is the second time a tricycle known in the local parlance as 'Pragya' rider at Kasoa Walantu junction had such a bizarre experience.


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