The Ministry of Communication in partnership with Ascend Digital Solutions Limited has leveraged technology to provide safety and help the average Ghanaians adjust to this new normal.

The new and improved GH COVID-19 Tracker is the product of this collaboration and common objective. The app is informed by the Ghana Health Service, WHO and Centre for Disease Control.

The GH COVID-19 Tracker encourages Ghanaians to practice safety measures that would in turn benefit the whole nation at large. The “You Matter,” messaging that centres the relaunch of the app, is a basic message of being your neighbour’s keeper. That is, Ghanaians are encouraged to take intentional steps to stay safe as each person’s safety in these times can guarantee the safety of others around them. You matter, we all matter!

The GH COVID-19 Tracker has many features that include a symptoms checker, expert advice by GHS, nearby hotspots map, Gh covid 19 cases updates, self quarantine registration, events management and registration.

The Self-quarantine feature allows you to report your COVID-19 status. It then notes the requisite number of days to stay within your home parameters. The Geo-fencing software feature in turn informs other app users of the proximity to high risk users or COVID-19 positive app users 1km away from you. Event planners and event attendees can register their events on the app and attendees can check in on the app. There is the advantage of being informed of the positive COVID-19 status of other attendees during and post event.

For Ghanaians to adjust their lifestyles in the wake of the pandemic, they have to practice safety by any means possible. Technological advancements have been impactful in the fight against COVID-19. Download the GH COVID-19 Tracker in the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. For persons with feature phones they can simply dial *769# to engage with the app’s provisions.

For support and queries on how to use the tool, dial 769.