The Chief Executive Officer of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowah has indicated that the

He said "When we [NPP] took over, the company was running without a working capital and we were running at a loss. The Ministry of Transport has bailed out the GAPTE for six times and that is a lot of money.

His comments come at the back of about 150 buses which are grounded at the Achimota Bus Terminal in Accra because the operators of the buses can no longer bear the cost of fuel.

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The Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE) has applied for a bailout from the government to help it pay for the cost of fuel, salaries and other operational costs, but the Ministry of Transport has turned down the request.

A source within GAPTE has told the Daily Graphic that it "has applied for a bailout from the government and it is expected that something fruitful will come out, since it cannot even pay its workers due to the huge cost of fueling and other administrative costs.

AMA boss, Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowah
AMA boss, Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowah

"It is our hope that when the assistance is offered, there will be a restructuring of the business because, as it stands now, we are in crisis," the source added.

The noted that if support was not given to GAPTE as soon as possible, the business would grind to a halt.

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However, the AMA boss said the buses was designed by the NDC for politics.

Speaking to Citi TV's Current Affairs Programme, Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowah said "I remember I have negotiated for 2 million for the Quality Bus System because everything they were doing had no plan and it was just designed for politics…We are where we are because of how they [NDC] designed the programme."