Former manager of the Accra Rehabilitation Center, Stephen Dombo has urged Ghanaians to desist from giving alms to physically challenged persons, especially those who have made the streets their place of abode and begging.

According to Mr’ Dombo, the Rehabilitation Center is giving hopes to all persons living with disabilities, by training them in various vocations so as to make them earn a better living than depending on donations from the public.

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He added that if the public continues to extend such unsustainable benevolence to the disabled persons, they will take delight in begging for alms rather than enrolling in the center for rehabilitation and financial independence.

Mr. Dombo said this to Beryl Richter following discovery of Kofi Raynold Asare whose disability came about as a result of Cerebral Palsy, but when he enrolled in the Rehabilitation Center seven years ago, he has improved so much that he even got a job at the center as a technical instructor.

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Despite the defectiveness of the arms, Kofi Asare is reportedly able to draw creatively by using his mouth to hold the pencil and other tools required for the drawing.

The Accra Rehabilitation Center has trained many disabled persons since its establishment in 1962.