The Chief Executive Officer of Public Sector Reform at the Presidency Professor Kusi Boafo has disclosed that Ghanaians may soon be receiving their passports at birth.

In an interview with Accra-based Starr FM, he said this was to reduce the frustration applicants had to go through in acquiring a passport.

Professor Kusi Boafo said this public sector reform will help the decentralizing agenda.

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“We are bringing in a new public sector reform policy. There is no single public institution in Ghana that can deliver proper public good. Go and see DVLA, the passport office, Ports & Harbors…etc. If passports are very necessary, then passports are supposed to be made on the day of birth, and that is what we are trying to work on.”

Many Ghanaians go through a hard time to acquire or renew their passports. The long queues and the middlemen saga is a challenge for many. This is time and money wasting for many.

Several measures by the government including plans to decentralize the passport office have not been able to resolve the bottlenecks in acquiring a passport.

He, however, noted it will take the nation enough time to get things working properly even if the right approaches are adopted.

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“We are not honest as citizens and so we are not willing to open up. As we begin to formalize, it will take us time to formalize. It will take us about 5 to 10 years to formalize.”

Professor Kusi also condemned the manner in which vehicles were disposed of by the state under the former administration.

“786 brand new cars were disposed of by the previous government at very cheap prices. Cars that could last for 10 years were sold within a week, few months and a year. How could we have built a nation with this attitude.”