The directive according to the FDA took effect from January 1, 2018.

Public Relations Officers of the FDA, James Lartey in an interview on Accra-based Kasapa FM said "all advertisements of FDA regulated products that would be approved by the FDA from January 1, 2018, should include the phrase – This advert has been vetted and approved by the FDA."

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This directive, he said is to protect children and prevent them from being lured into alcoholism at their young age.

Alcohol advertisement has become very rampant over the last few years and has flooded the media both radio and television, a development which has become cause for concern for a section of the public.

The FDA's Guidelines for the Advertisements on Foods (Section 3.2.6) and specifically the requirements for advertisements of alcoholic beverages, states that: "Radio and Television advertisements shall not be aired between the hours of 0600 am and 2000."

James Lartey said the future of Ghanaian children must not be put at the expense of the media houses making money.

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"Children should not be influenced, I understand that most of the radio and TV stations get their sponsored programme from some of the these alcoholic beverage companies. But we should also understand that we shouldn’t also look at the money media station get against the future and health of our populace, this is very important," Lartey added.