In the midst of the pandemonium that ensued after multiple explosion rocked Atomic Junction, a driver of a public transport vehicle, commonly called trotro reportedly knocked down 3 students and tried to flee. earlier reported on how a filling station located at Atomic Junction in Madina had reportedly went up in flames amidst explosions.

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Subsequently, aftershocks and other explosions were heard and experienced around the areas.

According to reports, the trotro driver, who was driving at top speed, knocked down the 3 students and decided to bolt off instead of stopping to cater for them.

However, a witness who spoke to Joy News on live television, indicated that the police, with help from bystanders quickly arrested the trotro driver before he could run away.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports state that the fires still continue to spread amidst efforts by the Ghana National Fire Service to douse the flames.

READ ALSO: Video/Photos: Gas filling station at Atomic Junction explodes has also learnt that students of the Presbyterian Boys' Senior High School have been asked to evacuate the school after reports of a third explosion spread.