"My Lord sometimes we wear those masks because of mosquito bites. To prevent mosquitoes from biting our ears and faces," DSP Azugu said during the cross examination at the Justice Emile Short's Commission of Inquiry on Monday, February 18, 2019 in Accra.

Though he is to yet know the reason why his men wore mask at the by-election, he said they wore the mask to protect their faces.

Ayawaso SWAT

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He, earlier conceded that his men did not handle the violence professionally.

"They did not handle them in a professional way, the way they were thought to handle such situations. When they arrested some civilians there, some conducted themselves well, some decided to run away after the arrest and my boys pounced on them," he said.

According to him, his men wore mask because of the nature of the operation they had to conduct.

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Ayawaso civilian operatives

"As SWAT, some of the men we go on the field with are used as surveillance officers who give us valuable information from areas that most of us cannot go. So when there is an operation and they know that they can be easily identified and can affect subsequent operations they wear the mask. It is not for any bad motive," he told the Commission.