The Association of Health Service Administrators in Ghana, AHSAG has called on the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and the Ghana Health Service to rectify the inequalities of compensation in the Health sector.

Speaking at a 3-day annual conference of the Association in Winneba in the Central region, President of the AHSAG, Albert Asiedu Osei said with the exception of medical superintendents, members of management received equal salaries with all clinical staff.

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He believed the situation has been occasioned by the implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure.

"In all public institutions, including health facilities, there are clear distinctions in the compensation for the management and staff. Management as a collective are fairly compensated for their responsibility placed on them which obviously differs from the other staff. A similar situation pertains at the national and regional levels of the Ghana Health Service," Dr. Osei added.

He however lamented that "the situation is quite different when one considers hospitals within the Ghana Health Service."

Dr. Osei said the situation is undermining the supervisory role expected of hospital administrators.