She said such calls are unfounded in law and it will be very difficult for prosecution.

According to her, the Deputy Minister who’ also MP for Tema West has lost his job and that is punishment enough.

“Prosecution for what? unless you can show that an individual contracted the virus by coming into contact with him because he went out on the monitoring. It will be difficult to establish a case for spreading COVID-19 unwillingly. It is easy to say but will you have the evidence to prosecute."

"I think that if it is punishment we want, he has laid down his position as deputy Minister to take responsibility for it. You don’t beat a dead horse, what else would you achieve by his prosecution.

Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah
Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah

“If he had insisted that he hadn’t done anything wrong and so he was still going to defend his action then the call for further sanction to be applied would be in order.”

Mr. Ahenkorah resigned today after visiting voter registration centres while diagnosed with COVID-19.