Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has joined calls on striking doctors to call off their strike and return to the negotiating table.

President Kufuor said the doctors stand a better chance of having their grievances addressed when they call off their strike.

The former President was speaking at the University of Education, Winneba in the Central Region, after he was awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree by the university.

“For the ultimate humanitarian considerations of the suffering masses of the people of Ghana, and with their [doctors’] case already so strongly made, I appeal to them to restrain themselves from taking the final step of irreparable damage to the nation…the strike should be cut off. The nation I believe will not forget this informed compromise”, he appealed to the members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA).

He asked government to reach out and dialogue with the GMA “with evident concern, transparency, decorum and spirit of conciliation”.

He charged both parties – Government and GMA – to allow cool heads to prevail in order to save precious lives.

He has appealed to all public sector workers, especially the doctors, to call off the strike and go back to work, as a  consideration for the suffering public.

Mr Kufuor said the members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and others who were on strike or had threatened to declare industrial action had done so because of the socio-economic difficulties confronting the nation.

“I must seize this occasion to appeal to the government, as the pre-eminent leadership institution of the entire nation, to reach out with evident concern, transparency and decorum in its dialogue and negotiations with the GMA, as well as other public sector employees.”