The striking members of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) have indicated they will only return to work when government signs a memorandum of understanding indicating when it will begin paying them the interim premium.

Members of CLOGSAG have been on strike for the past two weeks, demanding that the government pays them their respective market premium before they return to work.

The National Labour Commission described the strike as illegal because CLOGSAG did not inform the Commission before embarking on the strike.

Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Haruna Iddrisu, asked them to return to work or forfeit their August salaries. The Association subsequently accused the Minister of acting in bad faith.

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But Iddrisu again said the government will not be able to pay for the interim premium this year since it did not budget for it this year.

In a response to that, the Public Relations Officer of the Association Eddy Acquaye explained that they have been fighting for the interim premium allowance for years but the government keeps giving the same excuse for not paying.

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He argued that they deserve equal treatment as other public employees who have been receiving the interim premium allowance.

he added.

Meanwhile, NLC is expected to meet CLOGSAG and other stakeholders today (Wednesday) in a bid to resolve the issue.