Coronavirus: Drinking raw cocoa will boost your immune system- A Chief Pharmacist

A Chief Pharmacist at the Cocoa Clinic in Accra, Edward Amporful has recommended to Ghanaians to patronize the consumption of raw cocoa as a means of boosting their immune system amidst Coronavirus pandemic.

Raw Cocoa

Most health experts of Coronavirus have indicated that people with a strong immune system have the tendency of recovering faster from the virus after testing positive.

Ghanaians have been encouraged to add certain food supplements and food items as part of their daily meal to help combat the COVID-19.

Speaking to TV3, Mr Amporful indicated that cocoa contains polyphenols, micro-nutrients packed with antioxidants known to boost digestion and brain health, as well as protect against heart disease, diabetes, and even certain cancers.


“Given the nature of the virus itself, it is not the virus that is causing the lung damage, it is the immune system that it immobilizes,” he explained.

“…but cocoa is a product that boosts; does not only boost the immune system, but it also modulates it, it means that it doesn’t make it overwork the way it should work and this controls damage caused,” he said.

He mentioned Royale Natural Cocoa Powder from the Cocoa Processing Company (CPC) as cocoa product that can boost the immune system and help fight diseases.

The pharmacist said increase in intake of polyphenols rich cocoa is a sure way of fighting viruses.

“Ghana produces the best quality cocoa in the world. It means that for whatever you find in cocoa being polyphenols, you will find more in Ghana’s cocoa, and whatever quality that will enhance the health benefits of cocoa you find more in the Ghana cocoa.


Ghana has thus far recorded 834 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, while 99 people have recovered, with 9 deaths.

Ghana’s two major cities namely Accra and Kumasi have been in lockdown for the past three weeks to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the ban on all forms of social gathering in the country has been in place across the nation and social distance protocols have been advocated.

The President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo will address the nation tonight and announce whether there will be a total lockdown in the country or the lockdown in Kumasi and Accra will be extended after three weeks.


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