E-levy: The Bible supports taxing but it's not right to tax the poor — Apae Live

The founder and leader of Great Light Worship Centre, Reverend Tony Asamoah Boateng popularly known as Apae Live has added his voice to the controversial electronic transaction (E-levy) which is aimed at widening the tax net of the country.

Apae Live

He said the government led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo after winning the 2020 polls on the back of a promise to be pro-poor in terms of policies has done a U-turn to impose a 1.75% tax on mobile money transactions.

Speaking on Oman Channel, he said "Most of the people who depend on the mobile money service are mostly the poor, some are those who don't have jobs and others are those who don't have a proper job so they can't go to the bank with their little money.

"Even though we are hungry, we shouldn't be forced to eat with both of our hands. We already pay a lot of taxes and that is not enough for you the politicians who spend the chunk, and now you have to tax the small the poor have; you are the very people who claim to have come for the poor. So if you now want to tax the little money poor people have on their mobile money, I tend to disagree on that."

Though he declared his support for the government taxing towards national development, it should not go overboard to put burdens on the poor.


He stated that "Even the Bible supports taxing. But when a tax policy has the potential to burden the poor or cause the destitute to remain poorer, I would say that it is not right."


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