The former legislator died in London after a persistent heart problem.

A family told the ghanareport that "Hon Adamu Dramani Sakande joins the land of the silence ones this evening in London. He was a great father and an uncle."

Adamu was first elected into Parliament during the December 2008 Ghanaian general election on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as an MP.

During the elections, he polled 20,157 votes out of the 37,719 votes representing 53.4%and served only one term as a parliamentarian.

He was found guilty of perjury and forgery. He was therefore jailed two years concurrently on all counts.

He is alleged to have, before the 2008 elections, made a false statement in an application to have his name registered in the voter`s register and subsequently went ahead to vote in the December 2008 general elections when he was not entitled to do so.

A cattle dealer, Sumaila Biebel, in March 2009 filed a suit at the High Court challenging the eligibility of the MP on the grounds that the MP held both British and Burkinabe passports and the High Court, in a default judgment on July 15, 2009, ordered the MP to vacate his seat.

His lawyer appealed to the court to lessen the intensity of the ruling due to some health concerns of Adamu.

Adamu is married with two children.