Over thirteen thousand community health nurses are expected to lay down their tools tomorrow, May 31, 2016, over what they say is the Ministry of Healths failure to address their concerns.

President of the Association Esther Bamfo explained that they are unhappy with the change of name from Community Health Nursing to Nurse Assistant Prevention.

She further stated that though the name has been changed the certificate awarded has remained unchanged.

She questioned why the then SRN nurses are being awarded diplomas after the change of name to RGN.

She said "we know that SRN was a certificate programme when they were changing their name to RGN they were turned to diplomat. Why is Community Health Nursing changing our name and not sending us higher but drawing us back?"

She also mentioned their dissatisfaction with the poor job progression among the Community Health Nurses. "Some Community Health Nurses have worked for over eight years and yet seen no promotion" she lamented.

The president of the Association also said they lack the logistics to get the work done. She explained that "the logistics to work with is not there.

About 90 of CHN have used their own monies to buy motor bikes, fuelling them themselves, servicing them themselves, go to work with them and bring data for Ghana Health Service and mother Ghana to send to WHO, UNICEF for donation to this country".