GHS issues safety guidelines for adverse weather conditions

Expressing apprehension about the current severe weather conditions, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has issued a press release emphasizing the need for heightened public awareness.

GHS warns against hash weather conditions

The statement, specifically directed at individuals dealing with conditions such as asthma and chronic respiratory issues, cautions against potential health risks arising from compromised air quality and a dusty environment.

The advisory strongly encourages these individuals to exercise caution and suggests the use of protective gear to safeguard against potential health hazards.

“February has been characterized by very harsh weather conditions of dryness and dust with a high Air Quality Index as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Ghana Meteorological Agency is also reporting very hot conditions for the coming months of March and April. These adverse weather conditions predispose individuals to several ill health conditions including respiratory illness and meningitis.”

“The Ghana Health Service (GHS) appreciates that persons with Asthma and other chronic respiratory conditions may suffer acute attacks or may experience worsening of their conditions. The increased dryness of the air may predispose persons and individuals to dehydration, especially among children and the elderly,” the letter read.


As part of the suggested preventive measures, the GHS stressed the importance of limiting outdoor activities, especially for vulnerable populations like children and the elderly. The statement further proposed the use of face masks as a precautionary step to reduce exposure to dust.

Adequate hydration was also underscored, with a recommendation to consume sufficient water throughout the day.

The press release concluded with the GHS assuring its commitment to identifying and promptly responding to any potential outbreaks during the current period of challenging weather conditions and in the future.

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