While officials of GRA provided information on just 688 of the cars, the report observes that there was no ample proof of the exact amount that was accrued to the state from the auction of those vehicles.

As a result, the act has resulted in huge revenue losses to the state, a Deputy Auditor-General at the Central Government Audit Department of the Audit Service, Mr George Swanzy Winful, has revealed.

Mr Winful made this known at a media briefing on Thursday.

He said: “We sampled 2,388 of those vehicles for review in our audit exercise to find out if revenue was properly collected and if those proceeds were paid into the consolidated fund and realised that the 1,719 could not be accounted for."

He continued: "They only provided information on 669 of the vehicles that were sampled. Even with those ones, we were interested to know the reserved price before the vehicles were auctioned and other relevant documents on the process but they could not provide it.

“As a result, it was difficult for us to agree with them on the reliability of the revenue that was realised from the sale of the 669 vehicles."