The Ministry of Health has directed the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to conduct an investigation into circumstances where fake drugs were sold to persons living with HIV/AIDS.

According to the health ministry, the FDA has been notified of the occurrence of the side effects and it is however, conducting an investigations into the incident using the existing Pharmacovigilance protocols.

In a statement signed by the Health Minister, Alex Segbefia stated that the medication was received as part of a donation from the West Africa Health Organisation (WAHO) in appeal for support after the fire incident at the Tema Central Medical stores on January 13, 2015.

"In line with the donation policy of the ministry of health, this products was fully tested and approved by the FDA before distribution to facilities for use. We are aware that the manufacturer of the said product was the West Africa Health Organisation, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in April 2014 by WAHO Prequalification team. From this information, the product cannot be classified as "fake" because it does not fall under the WHO definition of the sub-standard, spurious, falsified, falsely-labelled or counterfeit (SSFFC) product".

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