Akua Dentah a 90-year-old woman was publicly assaulted at Kafaba, East Gonja in Northern Ghana by a mob led by her own granddaughter Latifah Bumaye over claims of being a witch and unfortunately, she passed away after the inhuman treatment meted out to her.

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There have since been calls from the civil society and Ghanaians in general for the perpetrators to be arrested for justice to be served.

Latifah who was one of the leaders of the mob who assaulted Akua Dentah has been arrested and she is now in police custody.

The 25-year-old told the Salaga Police Command that some men caught her and smeared an unknown powdered substance on her and she lost control of herself afterwards.

Bumaye added that she acted as if she was possessed because she couldn’t remember any of her actions and she was surprised to see a video of her lashing her grandmother.

On 30/07/2020 information was received, by C/Supt. Amos Yelisong, the Divisional Commander, Salaga indicating the hidden place of one of the suspected Principal murderers in the deceased Akua Denteh case,” Zamireport said.

“The information was processed into intelligence and two Man Police team from the Salaga Division despatched by the Divisional Commander and the District Officer to Kejewu Bator, a fishing community under Abrumase Police Station within the Salaga Division”, the report further stated.

Ms Bumaye did not deny that she was the one in the video but said she was not aware of what happened.

This is the seventh person arrested in connection with the crime including the chief of the town.