Cocoa farmers at Asankrangwa in the Western Region who are members of the Church of Pentecost paid their tithes for the month of October with cocoa beans.

According to Accra-based Starr FM, this is an initiative of the Anakum District Minister Overseer Isaac Donkoh.

This is to provide a convenient means for cocoa farmers to pay their tithes faithfully.

This also gives the Asankragwa Area Head, Apostle Robert Christian Arkoh, an opportunity to pray over the farm produce and for the Lord to heal their lands due to a decline in harvest.

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The cocoa beans were brought to the Anakum Central church on November 10, 2017, to mark the opening of a new stock for the cocoa season and to dedicate the farm produce to the Lord.

Speaking on the topic “I Am An Example Of Christ In Wealth Creation”, Apostle Ackon said that Abraham became wealthy because he revered God and was faithful to Him by giving God a tenth of his earnings to Melchizedek the High Priest. (Genesis 13:2)

“The Bible describes tithe defaulters as robbers instead of thieves because a thief will steal in your absence but a robber will steal in your presence and forcefully take what is legally yours.”

“The God who never sleeps nor slumber, the all-knowing One, is watching our actions of unfaithfulness. We must therefore repent and turn to the One who is able to bless those who remain faithful to Him,” Apostle Ackon added.

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The service was climaxed with a prayer over the cocoa beans for a better harvest in the next farming season. The prayer was led by Apostle Ackon, Overseer Isaac Donkoh and other elders present.

The District Minister, Overseer Isaac Donkoh disclosed that, in all, 36 bags of cocoa beans at a total cost of GH₵ 17,100.00, together with a cash amount of GH₵1,200.00 was realized as the gross tithe of the Anakum District for the month of October.