A woman needs to be pampered, no matter how many slogans they shout regarding equal rights and liberty and freedom, they would like to come back home to their men and demand love.

Minister of Aviation, Cecilia Abena Dapaah has said women perform important roles in the building of the family and the society, therefore they should be cherished and pampered by men.

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She said "All over the world women are playing important roles in their families and the society in general, and, so, we deserve to be pampered. We acknowledge the role of the men but today is for women, and, so, the women should be pampered."

Her comments come at the back of the International Women's Day.

The International Women's Day was first celebrated in 1910 in New York, a year after garment workers in the US went on strike over poor working conditions.

The United Nations has explained the Day is marked to recognize the achievement of women regardless of nationality, ethnicity, cultural, economic or political background or affiliation.

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The global theme for this year is "Press for Progress."

It is aimed at expediting steps toward gender parity after the wave of women protests across the world starting with the #Metoo and #TimesUp in the US.