June 3rd: "The twin disaster" eight years on

The June 3 disaster, a day described as the ‘saddest’ in Accra's history, is the worst in the county’s books and exposed deficiencies in the planning and development of the capital city.

June 3rd

June 3, 2015, marked a black day in the history of Ghana, as rainfall turned into a devastating fire and flood catastrophe leaving an estimated 154 Ghanaians lifeless whiles scores also sustained varying degrees of burns and injuries resulting in permanent physical disabilities.

The tragedy occurred after several hours of torrential rainfall in the capital city, Accra.

The rain, which started as any normal rainfall was intense, affecting most parts of Accra but wrecking a heavy toll at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle and its environs.

What started the night before as a heavy downpour at the center of the country’s capital, the Kwame Nkrumah Circle was aggravated after a nearby fuel station exploded in the downpour, people seeking refuge at the fuel station were shattered with many left with lifelong injuries.


The floods were attributed to blockages in Accra’s main storm drains, resulting from the non-desilting of the drains, including buildings and structures by squatters that had blocked waterways.

Some victims and families of those who died still mourn the loss of their beloved ones and the lives they had before.

Ghanaians ask, what can be done to prevent the reoccurrence of such a tragic disaster.

The twin disaster as many have coined it still has imprints of sadness and sorrow in the hearts and minds of many Ghanaians.


Eight years on, the country still experiences floods after minutes of heavy rainfall due to blockages in storm drains.

We have continued to see more floods and it is not out of the place of reason to say that we have grown numb to the perennial problem.

The lessons may be served again should proper interventions not be carried out to mend every death trap that leads to such unfortunate disasters.

The country still records several incidents of flooding within many parts of the city including Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Kaneshie, and Okponglo among other places.


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