Reports that female students of the

The Unity Hall (Conti) was recently converted from an all-male hall to a mixed hall – a move that generated protests from resident students.


A video circulating on social media portrays the males chasing and mobbing some female students, as the girls tried escaping from them.

In one of the scenes, a female student trying to escape from a bare-chested male fell flat on the floor after losing her balance.

However, school authorities say the video circulating has been misinterpreted by the public.

Public Relations Officer of the university, Kwame Yeboah Jnr said what transpired in the video was not harassment, but rather some students having fun.

He admitted that the event occurred at the Unity Hall, but clarified that the actors were a group of fresh students “having fun” after their orientation.


“The video you saw was done in the Unity Hall…they had an orientation at Unity Hall, after the event, the students decided to just have some fun. I’m told they were playing the ‘one corner’ music and they were dancing,” Mr. Yeboah told Accra-based Class FM.

"The guys were dancing and were trying to pull some of the ladies to dance with them and in the course of that, one fell, so, there was nothing there that showed that anybody was being harassed. We have our security there, we have some policemen also around and so we haven’t had any report but rather some people are putting a spin on the video,” he added.