Members of Korle Bu Senior Staff Association have asked management of the hospital to withdraw the interdiction letter of its president, Mr. Charles Offei-Palm or face the wrath of the association.

At a demonstration in Accra on Monday, April4, 2016, General Secretary of KOSSA, James Clifford Oblitey, said the interdiction of the association’s president will further deepen the unhealthy developments and relationship between management and staff. “… [KOSSA] wish to call for an emergency dialogue session with management within 24 hours.”

He noted that the dialogue will help build new bridges to ensure service delivery to clients.

“As members of this association, we are aware that our collective responsibility is to assist management to run the hospital efficiently for the benefit of our clientele, the patients among others. We are also aware that recent developments at the hospital seem to be growing in hostility due to mistrust acts of impunity. But the more the issues remain unresolved, the more the gulf in the system deepens. This will ultimately condemn both management and the Association for any inconveniences or harm faced by our clients,” the association’s statement added.

The management of Korle Bu last week indicted Mr. Charles Offei-Palm, President of KOSSA for granting an interview on Accra based Class FM.

MR. Offei-Palm during the interview alleged that the former CEO of the facility has been involved in a lot of financial lapses and the overall mismanagement of the facility leading to the closure of some clinics in the hospital.

But speaking to, Offei-Palm, revealed that he [Offei Palm] was interdicted on the grounds of victimization not mis-representation of facts.

Mr. Offei-Palm added that he wants Ghanaians to know the true state of affairs at the hospital, he underscored that for instance the CSSD is not working, the oxygen plants in the hospital are all down but Ghanaians are made to believe that it is working and as a result, people are dying.

He emphasized that monies received at the hospital are supposed to be used for their purpose and not other subsidiary expenses like buying cars, payment of ex-gratia.