Leave your inheritance to the Church - Mensa Otabil

The General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church, Dr. Mensa Otabil, has urged individuals without immediate family relations to consider leaving their inheritances to the church.

Pastor Mensa Otabil

During a sermon titled "Reaping what you have not sown," delivered yesterday at his Church at Teshie, Dr. Otabil emphasized the importance of ensuring that one's wealth is utilized wisely to benefit the needy and future generations.

He encouraged those without biological children to extend their legacy to nephews, nieces, or, if those aren't present, to allocate it to the church or community.

"If you don't have any biological children leave your inheritance for your nephews, nieces, and if you don't have nephews and nieces, leave it to the church.


Won't it be nice for somebody to say, 'I am leaving this inheritance to ensure every child attending this church receives a good education, and I have endowed their school fees to infinity'? That is what it means, so although you may not be here, your money will be educating people; your money will be helping people," Dr. Otabil expressed passionately.

Acknowledging that not everyone may have biological children, he stressed the significance of leaving an inheritance. Whether it's for nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, the church, or the community, Dr. Otabil encouraged the congregation to leave legacies that continue to speak for them even after they are gone.

"The passage says 'your children's children,(Proverbs13: 22) but not everyone has a child. That doesn't mean you don't leave an inheritance. You have nieces and nephews, cousins, friends, you have your church, you have your community—leave an inheritance that keeps speaking for you after you are gone," he urged.

This sermon is the last part of Dr. Mensa Otabil's four-week series on the principle of gathering, which delves into how Christians can gather their resources and maximize their potential.

The series aims to inspire individuals to consider the impact and legacy they leave behind, emphasizing the broader impact of contributions to the church and community.


Author: Gideon Nicholas DAY


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