Let's embrace the essence of multiparty democracy - Bagbin

In a compelling address, the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has urged citizens to delve deeper into the principles of multiparty democracy, and recognizing the significance of an informed electorate, Bagbin emphasizes the need for a comprehensive understanding of the democratic process to strengthen the nation's political fabric ahead of the 2024 general election

Alban Bagbin, Speaker of Parliament

The speaker in a message described the coming year as crucial as the nation goes to the polls, he urges Ghanaians to actively engage in learning about the core tenets of multiparty systems.

“2024 is a critical year, it is an election year, my prayer is we should try to deepen our understanding and practice of multiparty democracy, The differences should not divide us, they should rather unite us.”

He advocates for continuous learning, as a dynamic understanding of democracy is essential in adapting to the evolving needs and challenges of the nation.

Bagbin encourages open dialogue and inclusivity in political discussions, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are heard and respected. He believes that a multiparty democracy thrives on the richness of varied viewpoints, and citizens should actively seek to engage in constructive conversations that contribute to national development.

“We have, as a nation, being able to stay the course, 30 continuous uninterrupted democratic rule because of the partnership between not just the political parties alone but the media, CSOs, and our traditional leaders.

“I think it is important we continue this partnership, strengthening it and, making sure that every organ of the state, private sector, and CSO is strengthened,” he said.

He added “30 years is a great achievement. Ghana has made it globally, your parliament now leads the Parliamentary Community in the world, we chair and preside over the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association made up of 182 parliaments of the world, and we chair and preside over the Conference of Speakers and Heads of Parliament Africa, and we are in the leadership of the World Parliament, now called the Interparliamentary Union.

“By several decisions and laws passed by Parliament, we are now a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council. As you all know, we also sit at the Security Council, so Ghana is now in its rightful place as the heart of the world. This is an achievement that we should be proud of and we should do everything we can to deepen the democratic culture and inspire the challenges we are facing.”

He encourages continuous partnership between, political parties, the media, and other stakeholders emphasizing the need for a sustained effort to deepen the public's understanding of multiparty democracy.


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