Man of God prophesized the death of Bishop Apraku (video)

Bishop Emmanuel Apraku passed away on 19th May 2020 and following his death, a video clip which captures a prophecy of his death has emerged.

Bishop Apraku

Bishop Apraku’s had a large ministry with about 26 branches in Ghana and abroad, but all of them collapsed in a space of one year.


Apraku passed away on Wednesday and before his death, a video of him drunk and roaming about emerged.

A man of God in an Instagram video had predicted that Bishop Apraku would turn an alcoholic person which would affect his intestines but God has given him a second chance to turn a new leaf.

‘Apraku My Daughter’ as he was affectionately known was in the footage told that God had given him a second chance unlike his colleagues who had passed on.

“You’re here like a man but alcohol will destroy your life. You’ll be a drunkard to the extent that it will affect your intestines, kidney and liver,” the prophet said in the local dialect Twi.

“God gave you the first chance; friends perpetrated your downfall. God is giving you another chance. Be careful of friends.”

He further mentioned to Apraku that the spirit of death was hovering around him and stressed on the need for him to be vigilant to avoid a fall.

“The spirit of death is standing very close to you. Do you know why all the pastors who were following you have died but you’re still alive? God says I should tell you, he is giving you a second chance,” he proclaimed.

Apraku My Daughter who had been flanked by some junior pastors corroborated the prophecy. According to him, two other pastors had told him about God’s decision to grant him a second chance.

He said: “It is true. A friend of mine in America told me this three days ago during a phone conversation. Another one in Lagos has told me same.”


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