The Head of the Nigerian Police Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, Abayomi Shogunle, has waded into Ghanas internal affairs, shaming the Ghana Police Service after one of its officers was captured in a leaked video

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The woman had gone to the bank to demand her savings but was told banking hours had closed.

The police officer was called in to escort her out, but the woman insisted on getting her savings since she had no money on her.

He was dragged on the floor, punched and landed multiple slaps on the face by the policeman for her defiance.

"We will never do this in Nigeria," Assistant Commissioner Shogunle tweeted. "A Ghanaian policeman beating a nursing mother in Rambo-style inside a banking hall in Accra today. Hope people can see the real police brutality."

Assistant Commissioner Shogunle, in his tweet, appeared to be justifying the work of the notorious Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), accused of harassing and abusing ordinary Nigerians.

Nigerians have on a number of occasions called for SARS to be dissolved due to the group's extraordinary human rights abuses.

The hashtage #EndSARS has been used by social media users in Nigeria to highlight the abuses of the Anti-Robbery Squad.

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Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service say the abusive officer, Corporal Godzi Fredrick Amanor, has been arrested for criminal processes to begin.

And Midland Savings and Loans Limited has apologised to the woman over the assault and promised to compensate her.