Ghanaians will now pay more for private health care delivery. This follows a 60 percent increment in private health insurance. The increment, which took effect yesterday, will see insurance premiums going up by 1000 cedis. Previously, health insurance premiums ranged between 500 and 600 cedis.

President of the Private HealthCare Insurers Association, Ronald Oppong Adom said the increment is in the right direction, as it will lead to improved health care delivery.

“This should have been done more than a year ago, but we had to delay it to speak to the stakeholders involved just so that the burdens on our clients are not as high as it should have been. actually, premiums will have gone up quite significantly than it has gone up and we have taken all of these things into cognisance that is why we have adjusted our premiums, I will say, marginally, compared to what should have been the case”, he said on Starr FM.

The increase from between 500 to 900 Ghana Cedis, according to the Private Health Insurers Association is to make up for escalating cost of healthcare caused partly by the depreciation of the cedi and inflation.