Over one million new subscribers have been registered onto the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in the Greater Accra region, the Regional Director of the NHIA, Lawrence Amartey, has said.

Speaking at a regional annual performance review meeting in Accra on Wednesday, Mr. Amartey said the increment was due to the introduction of the Biometric Membership System and the extension of their working hours.

“Our target for the year was almost 1.2 million; but we were able to exceed it by 20 percent, that is 1.4 million,” Mr Amartey added.

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Giving a breakdown of the targets achieved, Mr. Amartey said an area like Weija exceeded their target by 89 percent, Osu Klottey exceeded by 30 percent and Labadi exceeded their target by 33 percent.

According to him, his outfit were able to make significant improvement in subscription because “They were able to identify and they were able to enter the communities and make a lot more registrations.”

Meanwhile, the NHIS on March 1 announced that Health Service providers under the scheme will enjoy an upward price review of between 24% and 27.5%.

According to the National Health Authority, prices of medicines on the NHIS list will go up by 24% while services will increase by 27.7%.

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The Deputy Director of Communications of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Selorm Adonoo told Pulse.com.gh that the increment is due to concerns from health service providers that cost of health care has increased.

"Providers have been saying that cost of medicines are high; cost of providing care is also up. And when people go to the hospitals, they are made to top up because somebody has to pay for the difference. So with this, we would have bridged the gap and ensured that our people are made happier," he added.