The Government of Ghana has initiated moves to extend the maternity leave given to nursing mothers at their workplaces to 14 weeks.

This was disclosed by the Deputy Employment and Labour Relations Minister, Bright Wireku-Brobbey.

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He said the Ministry is in the process of drafting the Maternity Protection Bill which, if assented, would enable nursing mothers have two additional weeks to cater for the new born babies.

Mr. Wireku-Brobbey said once the Bill is ready, it will be sent to Parliament for the official maternity leave of nursing mothers to be changed to 14 weeks.

“It is Maternity Protection Bill and per ILO Convention 103 which Ghana is a signatory to…that convention stipulates a minimum of 14 weeks. So if you look at the way we have three months it means we are behind that convention which was passed in 2000,” he said whiles speaking at an event to commemorate the International Women’s Day.

“We have 12 weeks. But then we are advocating that in the new Bill which we are seeking to produce we will go to 14 weeks to begin with.”

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The Minister further expressed hope that the Maternity Protection Bill will soon “become laws in the nearest future”, adding that there is more room for improvement.

He further revealed that the Organised Labour, the government and Employers Association were all consulted on the Bill.