Obuor, who is a former president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), instructs that his family should be provided with an autopsy of his father who passed away at the facility last Friday.

Smith & Adelaide, lawyers for the musician served the Chief Executive Officer of the health facility a letter to carry out the necessary post-mortem to determine the cause of death of his late father.

The lawyers added that “if the medical facility is not in the position to undertake the autopsy within the shortest possible time, their client [Obour] will offer to contract an independent medical officer to undertake the autopsy, subject to the safety measures and regulations governing such procedures.”

Obuor, who is an aspiring parliamentary candidate of the NPP for the Asante Akyem South seat has been under immense media criticism when reports emanated that he concealed the travel history of his dad who died of coronavirus.

MUSIGA president Bice Osei kuffour (Obour)
MUSIGA president Bice Osei kuffour (Obour)

According to the reports, Obour failed to disclose the status of his father’s travelling record and possible coronavirus symptoms to health workers who attended to his sick father at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge, on Friday, March 27, 2020.

However in a release denying the allegations, he stated that his father’s earlier test conducted on him at the Juaso Hospital indicated that he was suffering from malaria.

He was later tested for possible coronavirus in Accra after his condition worsened but died before the test results which confirmed him positive was made available.