From ages past, most Ghanaian students have happily carried their baskets, with home-cooked meals, a fizzy drink and some biscuits to mark their promotion to another class.

Now, the game has changed.

GIS Prom Night
GIS Prom Night

People are questioning how many types of Ghana there are after some prom photos of Ghana International School went viral.

In the photos captioned by photographer Opeimu: “Inside the Benz with Ellis Brown and Afua Amoa @Prom2019”, a young lady and a young man are seen well dressed ready for their prom night.

The photos have been a subject of fun discussions on Twitter with everyone shading everyone for not having enough money to afford this experience.

From jokes of Ghana being in two parts to Jama and God punishing poverty, here are the prom photos that has got everyone talking.

Photo credit: @ViaOpeimu on Twitter